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“Josh is a remarkable speaker with an approachable demeanor and keen intellect.”


CEO, Overskies

Keynote speaker Josh Dougherty is the CEO and co-founder of A Brave New, a B2B branding and marketing agency, based in Seattle, WA.

The strategic mind behind B2B technology and healthcare rebrands, Josh created a workshop-driven accelerated branding approach that can cut the typical branding process in half. You can listen to him on his podcast, A Brave New Podcast. Or, even better, you can .

Josh in action

Josh might be a
great fit for you if you’re:

An in-person event planner

An in-person event planner in the midst of selecting your conference roster, and you need to deliver high evaluations. Events in a mid-to-post-pandemic world are still getting their footing; you need someone who is a low-risk speaker with high-impact results.

A virtual event planner

A virtual event planner who is looking for someone that doesn’t read off of slides (if you wanted that, you could just purchase the slides).

Part of an executive leadership team

Part of an executive leadership team or C-Suite that already heard a million speakers and wants one that feels like a value-add instead of forced time away from work.

A perceptive CEO

A perceptive CEO that is noticing a dip or dive in team rapport, sales, or inquiries.

On a national or global conference team

On a national or global conference team, with foci in marketing, healthcare, and technology.



A company is only as important as the memory it leaves in the customer’s mind.

Show your event values:

Show your event values:


A framework stemming from partnering with B2Bs, deep knowledge of the marketing industry, and vision of where it should go.


Josh is a delight for an event planner’s roster, providing the ability to adapt to your audience’s needs: before, during, and after your event.

Rigorous fun

Like your favorite school memories, attendees feel good in the moment and walk away with a balance of applicable skills and thoughtful questions to continue their work.